100% Design 2017: 8 Innovative Creations we Rate

Last week, the Carica Media team attended 100% Design to peruse the latest interior design trends and get an insight into what’s going to be hot in the home come 2018. There was much to marvel at, including a standout stand from our clients Porcel-Thin and some refreshing new shower designs from our friends at Drench Showers. In addition, there was a plethora of funky furniture and a two-wheeled design innovation that says “on yer bike” to its lacklustre competitors…

ONE - Drench Showers: Saturating the shower design revolution

Drench Showers displayed their new black framed shower screens and doors at 100% Design 2017

It was great to see Drench, the UK’s newest shower manufacturer, display their latest black shower doors and screens at the London show. Carica Media founder, Owen Josey, particularly liked the linear and deco shower screens, featuring laser-cut overlaid grids, which dripped with urban-chic. A refreshing alternative to the minimalist frameless shower enclosure trend, Drench’s products created a real buzz. The large art-deco inspired screen paired with the cutting-edge black Hansgrohe Axor brassware was a treat for the eyes and made a design declaration that washed away done-to-death bathroom styling.  Drench Europe’s innovative black shower screens can also be viewed at the Dorset showroom of our clients Room H2o.

TWO - Levitas Design: Floating beds, the pinnacle of invention

Levitas levitating beds generated a lot of interest at the 2017 100% Design show

Talking of refreshing designs, these levitating beds are a wake-up call for interior designers! The brainchild of keen inventor Craig Phillips, each Levitas Design bed is made using no less than 130ft of aluminium and can hold up to 750kg of slumbering person. These soaring sleepy-time style statements are available in standard sizes but bespoke measurements (up to 4m wide) and colours are catered for too.  Guaranteed for 10 years and made here in the UK, integrated lighting, headboards and floating side tables are optional add-ons that you won’t want to miss. 

THREE - Karak: Looking to Karak the handmade tile market

Karak hand made tiles featuring Raku firing techniques were a highlight at 100% Design 2017

Austrian handcrafted clay product specialists Karak describe themselves as a “Jung tile manufactory”.  Their exquisite handmade tiles are made using screen printing and a Japanese Raku firing technique, which involves heating the tiles to 800 degrees centigrade before dipping them in saw dust and then cold water to give the glaze its unique beautiful appearance. Tile-tastic!

FOUR - Design Due: Barrel-aged timber breathes life into trendy furniture design

Beautiful and interesting modern furniture by DUE is made from reclaimed wine barrels as seen at 100% Design 2017

DUE are talented furniture designers and manufacturers use old wine barrels, which offer timber with a pleasing blush, alongside reclaimed oak for a unique contrasting effect to their hip creations.  Providing “the third life for wood” this Polish furniture company chooses “the noblest species of oak – the king of all trees” and creates a blend of beautiful rustic charm with reclaimed modern materials that sets the senses on fire. These are must-have pieces for interior design aficionados. 

FIVE - Twin: Doubly cool furniture for offices and commercial settings

TWIN displayed their funky and colourful take on office furniture at 100% Design 2017

Clever, colourful and expertly crafted, this UK-made modern furniture is designed for offices and commercial environments but would also look awesome in homes with a contemporary touch. As well as this brilliant bicycle chain bench, twins Tully and Declan Gallagher offer myriad designs that are packed with personality from Chaplin, a curved seat with triangular legs, to an ultra-modern freestanding booth complete with USB ports and motion sensitive Led lighting for stylish practicality in the workplace.

SIX - Materia: Tour de force of artisan craftsmanship and pioneering design

These stunning wooden bikes are the work of Materia and caused quite stir at the 2017 100% Design Show

Although Materia’s design revelations would look at home competing in the Tour De France, Carica Media’s most definitely rating them as a creative tour de force. Artisan craftsmanship, traditional materials and trailblazing design meet to come good as Lindsey Pearson’s range of men’s and women’s city bikes. From the romantic Cruiser to the funky Race and Fixed-Gear bikes with carbon fibre forks and wheels, each Materia model features a stunning wooden frame in a choice of shades.

Owen had a chat with Lindsey and was fascinated to discover his beautiful bikes are a favourite with cycling pros such as Latvian BMX racer and double Olympic World Champion Maris Štrombergs, the riding and wood enthusiast went on to say: “ Materia’s ambition has always been to produce equipment which is optimal in performance as well as aesthetics. We achieved that in 2016 and are now selling our range of five frames in eight countries. All of our bikes combine immaculate and incredibly strong woodwork with the functionality of leather, steel and carbon fibre.”

SEVEN - Solide Signature by Ayyapi: Full metal jackets for the finest home accessories

Ayyapi Solide Signature displayed a range of metal plated natural materials at 100% Design 2017

Istanbul-based Ayyapi, specialise in coating wood, glass, natural stone, hard plastics and organic materials with 2-3mm of any metal that their clients desire. Their stand alone, a strikingly voluptuous metal structure, is worth a mention but the results of their Solide Signature process are truly stunning to the eyes and finger-tips.  And who wouldn’t like an opulent dining room display of fruit or pebbles that have been touched by Midas?

EIGHT - Porcel-Thin: Best UK Porcelain Tile Manufacturer and Business Innovator

Best Porcelain Tile Manufacturer 2017 Porcel-Thin proudly displayed their award and new Leviathan thin porcelain tiles at 100% Design 2017

Our clients Porcel-Thin, who have recently been named “Best Porcelain Tile Manufacturer – UK” at Corporate Vision’s 2017 Business Innovator Awards, were loud and proud at this year’s 100% Design. As well as presenting their latest porcelain tile collections – such as the epic Leviathan large-format porcelain tiles, the industrial-style-packed Jerusalem Aged Limestone Tiles and their ground-breaking antibacterial tiles Bac-Tech – Ray and the team were on hand to demonstrate just how easy the ultra-thin porcelain tiles are to cut and handle.

Rated by interior designers and specifiers throughout the UK and beyond as their porcelain tiles of choice, if you’ve yet to discover the joy of Porcel-Thin you’re in for a treat. Not just easy to install and kind to the environment, these high-performance porcelain tiles can be used inside and outside the home for seamless, ultimate panache.

Find out more about the creative content we provide for Porcel-Thin and our other clients here.