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How we work and the services we offer

The first stage is to understand your business, market place and expectations. We will carry out an SEO audit of your current website in order to identify potential improvements and opportunities for increasing targeted traffic and search engine rankings. This will become the basis for formulating a bespoke optimisation plan for your website with the object of converting visitors into potential customers.

We will apply a process of ethical Search Engine Optimisation to your website designed to ensure that fundamental elements such as meta tags are present and correctly written containing targeted keywords. In addition, more in depth optimisation may involve writing keyword rich informative content for your web pages, social media and press releases. 

The importance of well written informative content cannot be underestimated. Search engines decipher the topic of a web page from the headings titles and copy and index the site against relevant search terms. High quality, informative copy will also form the basis for link building which is the main influencing factor for search engine page rank. Other websites and publishers are more likely to link to your website if the content is of value to them and their target audience and links are viewed by search engines as an editorial vote for your website. Search engines list websites based on page rank and relevance; a greater page rank will ensure that your website features highly in search results.

Some of our services include :-